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Thanks for Making this Program!
A while before I'd discovered this program, I'd been looking for ways to rip a rigged model of Samus from the first Metroid Prime game after unsuccessfully searching the web for one.  I'd thought I'd have to rely on long-abandoned, possibly decade-old programs to rip models from the game, but I was quite surprised to learn that a program this new, easy to use, and effective exists for the trilogy--and that it exports data to Blender files!  I'd like to thank @"antidote" and @"jackoalan" for their work; this is a fantastic tool!

[Image: qRr0CEy.png]
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  • antidote
Thanks for the support and interest :3
Agreed! Thanks for all the hard work!
(08-26-2017, 07:31 AM)Roggee Wrote: Agreed! Thanks for all the fat burners for women hard work!

I second what Mxyl said, awesome job. Thank you.

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